1 Pic 1 Word: Shadow Puzzle! Answer and Cheats Level 4

By | September 14, 2013

Shadow guess is fun game and now Second Gear Games has make new shadow guess game on Google play. 1 Pic 1 Word: Shadow Puzzle! is guess shadow that show on screen by tap the puzzle.


Can you guess an object by its shadow? Look at the scrambled picture puzzle and try to guess the word. If you like word quiz games like 4 Pics 1 Word: What’s the Word, you’ll love this new family game! Tap on the picture tiles to switch their positions and reveal a portion of the original image. Look at the shadow and guess the word!

Key features:
• 275 puzzles to solve
• 2 special levels with cartoon characters
• available in English, French and Russian

Get together and have good family fun! Special hint: if you get stuck, ask your kids to help you. You’ll be surprised by what they can do!


I have play this game and some of shadow have strange shape and hard to guess. But don’t worry if you get stuck on some shadow because I have make 1 Pic 1 Word: Shadow Puzzle! Answer Level 4 to help you below.


Level 4-1: FishLevel 4-2: AgendaLevel 4-3: CloudsLevel 4-4: Bucket
Level 4-5: LadderLevel 4-6: HandLevel 4-7: BowLevel 4-8: Lightbulb
Level 4-9: MapLevel 4-10: TreeLevel 4-11: HourglassLevel 4-12: Mirror
Level 4-13: CrossLevel 4-14: CowLevel 4-15: GramophoneLevel 4-16: Lock
Level 4-17: Garbage BinLevel 4-18: DuckLevel 4-19: LevelLevel 4-20: Helmet


That the answer for third level of 1 Pic 1 Word: Shadow Puzzle! and I will update next level soon. So please wait.

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