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By | January 19, 2014

Yesterday they added new stage with beautiful 5 level on the inside, they make this game with great theme. If you like this game you have to rate it ob Google play so they will continuously make fun level for us.


To celebrate Christmas seasons Oriole Games make fun and cool game to make your Christmas day more fun. Rooms are presented in the beautiful Christmas and New Year decoration! But they promise they will update to make more level with different beautiful graphics. So come on you have download 100 Doors Seasons and feel the fun.


Meet the new challenging puzzle game – 100 Doors Seasons!

Main Goal – solve the puzzle and escape from the room!
Rooms are presented in the beautiful Christmas and New Year decoration!

100 Doors Seasons – collection of mini puzzles in which you can play on the way, on vacation or at home.
100 Doors Seasons, will be updated regularly and delight you with new, more interesting and challenging levels!

In this great new brain challenge, you will need to brainstorming.

– Use all the functions of your smartphone
– The game has hints
– All rooms (levels) with different beautiful graphics
– Possible to skip difficult levels, and return to them later.
– Constant weekly updates
– It’s FREE!

Enough brains to pass? But this is only a warm-up 😉


Like they said this is only warm up so I think you can pass all level easily, but if you still get stuck I have make 100 Doors Seasons Walktrough Answer Level 21 to Level 25 to help you.


100 Doors Seasons Level 21


See the clue on deer head above the door and on the candle on the left there is “?” mark, it mean you have count how many deer and candle on the room.

You will get Deer = 19 and Candle = 17 so tap the panel and enter number 1917.




100 Doors Seasons Level 22


Tap start button then watch where star position, tap the square with star. This memories game so you have do it by yourself.




100 Doors Seasons Level 23


Pull down hanging red ball to light on the doll. Then get the pliers and nut.

Now put the nut on doll mouth then use the pliers to open the mouth. Get the key and use it to open door.




100 Doors Seasons Level 24


You have to arrange gifts from the biggest to smallest like picture above.




100 Doors Seasons Level 25


Swipe the ground to clean the snow, get the grill on the left side then use it to make a hole. Get fishing rod on the right side.


Use fishing rod to get hook bait. Now use the fishing rod to the hole to get a fish.

Use fish to feed penguin, penguin will leave and door will open.




That is 5 level of 100 Doors Seasons Answer, I hope that can help you. See you on the next level.


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