4 Pics 1 Movie! Answer Level 11 and Level 12 by Game Circus

By | September 26, 2013

The maker of famous guess song game “4 Pics 1 Song”, few day ago Game Circus has bring new fun game on Google Play. 4 Pics 1 Movie! is guees game based on 4 pics, there will show 4 picture which related on movie title and you must guess it. From the cinema classics to the summer boxoffice and everything in between.


From the studio that brought you 4 Pics 1 Song and Coin Dozer now comes 4 PICS 1 MOVIE!

Game Circus gives you the four pictures, and you guess the movie title! From the cinema classics to the summer blockbusters and everything in between, we’ve got your Tinseltown ticket to brain twisting fun!
Not a movie buff? No problem! We quiz you on titles, not scenes! If you can solve a logic puzzle, you can play this game!
Spend the coins you collect from guessing titles to to give you hints and powerups! Out of coins? Poll your friends using Facebook or Twitter!
This fun, brainteaser combo of 4 Pics 1 Word and movie trivia will reel you in and put you right in the middle of the Hollywood scene!

Simple and addictive: can YOU name all the flicks?

We roll out the red carpet for updates regularly, so check back for even MORE puzzles!


As usually if you get stuck and run out of coin don’t worry because I have play the game and I will share 4 Pics 1 Movie! Answer Level 11 and Level 12 bellow. Check this out :)


4 Pics 1 Movie! Answer Level 11

Level 11-1: Air BudLevel 11-2: BatmanLevel 11-3: Mars Attack!Level 11-4: Out Of Time
Level 11-5: The Karate KidLevel 11-6: Robin HoodLevel 11-7: Chain ReactionLevel 11-8: Robocop
Level 11-9: Tango & CashLevel 11-10: The HowlingLevel 11-11: A Perfect WorldLevel 11-12: Silkwood
Level 11-13: The Wild BunchLevel 11-14: The BlubLevel 11-15: The Cotton ClubLevel 11-16: Dangerous Minds


4 Pics 1 Movie! Answer Level 12

Level 12-1: The NetLevel 12-2: Back To SchoolLevel 12-3: Raw DealLevel 12-4: Action Jackson
Level 12-5: The Last SamuraiLevel 12-6: The StingLevel 12-7: House PartyLevel 12-8: Phone Booth
Level 12-9: Marathon ManLevel 12-10: The BirdcageLevel 12-11: A Few Good MenLevel 12-12: Vegas Vacation
Level 12-13: The GameLevel 12-14: ScarfaceLevel 12-15: The Omega ManLevel 12-16: Rope


That the two level of 4 Pics 1 Movie! Answer to help you and  I will update the next level soon, so please come back to see another answer.

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