Can You Escape Horror Walkthrough level 5

By | January 5, 2014

There is new fun and interesting game available on Google play created by TMTMOBIL, Can You Escape Horror is new escape game with spooky theme. You’ll have to solve the multiple mini puzzles and find out the hidden objects to open the door.


In this horror edition, try to break out of each room. You’ll have to solve the multiple mini puzzles and find out the hidden objects, and discover different codes. Find out if you can finish all levels in this exciting and fun puzzle game.


– 10 challenging and addictive rooms
– WALKTHROUGH videos for help
– Amazing 3D graphics
– Challenging and fun puzzles
– Different themed rooms
– More rooms in the next update
– Totally FREE!


If you have trouble to solve the puzzle don’t worry because I have make Can You Escape Horror Walkthrough level 5 to help you pass the level.



Get the hammer on the corner.


Tap the cracked wall then use hammer to break the wall.


Get the bottle.


Tap the cupid then fill the bottle with water.


Tap the sofa then use the bottle to move the doll. Get the shovel.


Tap the cracked floor then use the shovel to dig the floor.


Open the coffin then get the paper.


Tap the chair and tap the cloth then get the brown object.


Tap the table then get the lighter and see the math clue.

((570:2)+950)(6:2) = (285+950) x 3 = 1235 x 3 = 3705


Tap the table then use the lighter to light three candle, put the paper on the table. Use the brown object then tap the number you have get 3705.


Get the key to open the door.


That the answer for Can You Escape Horror level 5, I will update another level soon.

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