Can You Steal It Walkthrough Answer Stage 3 4 5

By | February 20, 2014

Hi Studio Limited has make a lot fun games but now they make game like escape game but they call it Can You Steal It. On this game you have find some object, you can find it by solve the puzzle, find the code or you have to open the chest.


I’m a thief and I’m the best. I can get anything with bare hands.
I’m a thief but I’m different. I only steal for people who really need help.

In Can You Steal It, various items are hidden in an unknown corner of the rooms. Bring your wits into full play to solve puzzles, find the items out and challenge 12 addictive stages.

Do not waste your time. People are asking for your help!

– PLAY with ease and fun
– ENJOY the cute graphics
– SOLVE puzzles with wits
– BEAT 12 challenging stages
– WATCH video walkthroughs for free


To help you finish the game I have make Can You Steal It Walkthrough Answer Stage 3 to Stage 5 below.


Can You Steal It Stage 3


Tap rack above the bed then open the pink box and get a key.


Tap green cabinet then use key to open top drawer. Get both screwdriver.


Tap bus on the floor then use black screwdriver to open four screws. Get the pin.


Go to cupboard on the left room and tap the robot. Use yellow screwdriver to open four screws and get a pin.



Can You Steal It Stage 4


Tap rack on the left then tap brown box, get the handle.


Tap cabinet then place handle to top drawer, open drawer and get wire.



Tap fish tank then use wire to get key.



Tap cabinet then use key to open drawer and get picture pieces.


Now tap picture and place pieces you get, then solve the puzzle.



Can You Steal It Stage 5


Tap wine rack and get bottle and match.


Go back and get a candle on the left.


Tap basket then use bottle to paper and you will get code 6381.


Combine match and candle then put it on the floor. So you will see a box.


Tap the box then enter code you get 6381.


That it answer for Can You Steal It, I just share 3 level for now but I will update another level soon.

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