Christmas Pics Quiz Answer Level 1-20 by 100 Pics

By | December 4, 2013

This Christmas time, many game has landed on iTunes to celebrate Christmas day. One of them is Christmas Pics Quiz create by 100 Pics, you have to tap the square to see square to see the hidden picture or object then you have to guess it. The less you open the square, the greater you can get the coin.


– Its Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiistmaaaaaaasssss!!!
– Guess the Christmas Pictures Quiz
– The ultimate Quiz to get you in the Christmas mood!
– Complete this by Christmas Eve or NO PRESENTS!!! :)


Some of the picture is easy to answer because you always see that when christmas come, but if you forgot and get stuck you can see Christmas Pics Quiz Answer Level 1-20 below to help you.


Level 1: BellsLevel 2: TreeLevel 3: CakeLevel 4: Santa
Level 5: StarLevel 6: NutsLevel 7: StampsLevel 8: Snowman
Level 9: SackLevel 10: PresentsLevel 11: AngelsLevel 12: Robin
Level 13: Wrapping PaperLevel 14: CookiesLevel 15: Smoked SalmonLevel 16: Stuffing Balls
Level 17: ElfLevel 18: Glazed HamLevel 19: Brussel SproutsLevel 20: Selection Pack


That the answer for first 20 level to help you pass all level, I will update another level soon so stay tuned.

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