Clue Pics – Guess the Saying? Answer and Cheats Level 41-80

By | August 27, 2013

Another great game from APPDREAMZ has landed on Google play, Clue Pics – Guess the Saying? is new and unique game because you must combine picture + word puzzle game. There is six categories and more categories will be added.


???From the creators of the smash hit #1 puzzle app “WHATS THE SAYING?”???
Know your catchphrases? Can you crack the CLUE from the ICON PICS & guess what its saying?, in this amazing free picture + word puzzle game, over 250 LEVELS available! DOWNLOAD NOW, we are sure you will LOVE it!
****THANKS for the TREMENDOUS RESPONSE, 70000+ installs in 3 weeks & listed straight in the TOP 10 NEW FREE BRAIN&PUZZLE Games in the US,UK,Australia & more****
–No more boring “see the picture guess the name”, type games…use your BRAIN on every Level!

• Pics from 6 Categories: SAYINGS, MOVIES, FAMOUS PEOPLE, LANDMARKS, BRANDS & CITIES. More categories to be added!
• Mind bending puzzles & clues to guess whats in the picture, over 250 LEVELS and more to be added soon!
• Fabulous puzzle fun: Many icons will make you smile, Makes you think OUT OF THE BOX!
• Most advanced & flexible key input system of any similar word game on Android.
• Intelligent LETTERS hint system if you are stuck
• Integrated HEYZAP Game Leaderboard, let the race begin to top the Leaderboard!
• Ask HELP for FREE from your TWITTER Friends!
• No tutorial, no registration, just incredible instant fun! =)


I loved this game even some puzzle is hard to solve, but for now I just solved 40 level and I will share it to help you if get stuck. See my Clue Pics – Guess the Saying? Answer and Cheats Level 41-80 bellow.


Clue Pics – Guess the Saying? Answer and Cheats Level 41-60

Level 41 Landmark: M R ohio utah texas florida = Empire State BuildingLevel 42 Movie: Depen couple dance 15th Aug 2013 = Independence DayLevel 43 Movie: O and 11 sun = Oceans ElevenLevel 44 Saying: NV and green splash = Green With Envy
Level 45 Movie: Toy store and E = Toy StoryLevel 46 Famous people: B – C = BeyonceLevel 47 Saying: Alphabet with some missing letter = Missing LinkLevel 48 Movie: 02 and 0 = Broken Arrow
Level 49 Famous people: U on lightning = Usain BoltLevel 50 Landmark: Pyra and finger pointing = Great PyramidLevel 51 Movie: ER ER ER = TransformerLevel 52 Landmark: Stone and hinge = Stonehenge
Level 53 Movie: Chart for men = No Country For Old MenLevel 54 Famous people: Elv = Lee: Elvis PresleyLevel 55 Saying: M1Y1L1I1F1E = For Once In My LifeLevel 56 Movie: Baby with tag = Million Dollar Baby
Level 57 Saying: Moral and hand pointing line = Moral SupportLevel 58 Landmark: Four bid N CT = Forbidden CityLevel 59 Famous people: Lajustke = Justin TimberlakeLevel 60 Movie: 30 hand pointing to 0 = Zero Dark Thirty


Clue Pics – Guess the Saying? Answer and Cheats Level 61-80

Level 61 Movie: Man and future = Back To The FutureLevel 62 Movie: Beauty with American flag pattern = American BeautyLevel 63 Saying: 1,3,5,7 vs ME = Me Against All OddLevel 64 Famous people: women with long hair and ford logo = Harrison Ford
Level 65 Famous people: Competition results = Kate WinsletLevel 66 Landmark: Reef and barrier on the middle = Great Barrier ReefLevel 67 Saying: Baseball and roof house =  Hit The RoofLevel 68 Movie: Me pull to hell = Drag Me To Hell
Level 69 Movie: Hawk on the bottom = Black Hawk DownLevel 70 Landmark: Red squareLevel 71 Famous people: UK flag on knee and 4 spears = Britney SpearsLevel 72 Famous people: M Row = Marilyn Monroe
Level 73 Saying: Hand hold needle and bubble = Burst Your BubbleLevel 74 Movie: Many Friday word and finger pointing = Friday The ThirteensLevel 75 Movie: Three Samurai = The Last SamuraiLevel 76: Vantage and finger pointing = Vantage Point
Level 77 Landmark: Gate = Golden Gate BridgeLevel 78 Movie: Air and arrow up = Up In The AirLevel 79 Movie: four blood and finger = First BloodLevel 80 Saying: Accaughtt = Caught In The Act


Sorry if you not see the answer because they made this game random level for every user, I will update another level soon.

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