EmojiGeo – guess the place! Answer Level 1-20

By | September 9, 2013

CloudTeam make new game for emoji lover, after they make emojination then now they make another fun game with nice looking and fast loading. EmojiGeo – guess the place! have available few day ago on Google play and iTunes, come get it and enjoy the fun.


EmojiGeo is the most interesting and unique application of emoticon puzzles and charades based on countries and cities and interpreted with icons. Once you complete the first level, you will understand how entertaining and fun it is.

PLEASE NOTE! You can participate in the development of the game! Give your options of puzzles with their solutions in the comments to the application. The best ones will be included in the new version and mention you as one of the application authors.


You will not get bored with this clear and colorful interface. Funny, amusing, smart and witty puzzles will make you playing for hours. Try it and you’ll see what an addictive game it is – you just can’t break away!


The game has a lot of levels. Some are very easy, some are more complicated and it also has tricky levels that require a little bit of head scratching. Challenge yourself, train your brain and imagination. And if it becomes too difficult you can use hints to help you along or ask for your friends help!


If get stuck you can see my EmojiGeo – guess the place! Answer Level 1-20 to help you pass the level below. Check it out :)


Level 1: Red circle and sushi = JapanLevel 2: Liberty, burger and baseball = USALevel 3: Tower, heart, violin and flag = ParisLevel 4: Leaf, hat, dance and beer = Ireland
Level 5: Pizza and boots = ItalyLevel 6: Liberty and USA flag = New YorkLevel 7: Emoji use sun glass, gun and Italy flag = SicilyLevel 8: Indian man, cow and video cam = India
Level 9: Panda and rice bowl = ChinaLevel 10: Camel, red triangle and sun = EgyptLevel 11: Kangaroo, koala and surf = AustraliaLevel 12: Santa, ski = Finland
Level 13: Ski, mountain and Uni Eropa = AustriaLevel 14: Bicycle, frog, dog and heart = FranceLevel 15: Ghost, devil icon, castle = RomaniaLevel 16: Black circle and leaf = Canada
Level 17: Pineapple, elephant, sun = ThailandLevel 18: Tab, dance, horse = South KoreaLevel 19: Building, island = CyprusLevel 20: Gun, boat, skull and world = Somalia


That is my first 20 level of EmojiGeo – guess the place! Answer, hopefully can help you adn please wait for another level answer.

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