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By | February 26, 2014

The creator who make lot of fun and cool games Gipnetix LTD, after they make 100 doors now they make escape game with different style. Escape The Mansion is escape games with new puzzle you have to solve. But if you have play escape action you will now these games have something in common with escape action, yes every 5 level you will get challenge level.


From creators of all the parts of 100 Doors!

Absolutely NEW, addictive and challenging game – Escape The Mansion!
Brings you to the mysterious mansion with a lot of great puzzles and popular mini-games.

Main Features :
– 30 Levels (each update will add new levels)
– Great Sounds
– FANTASTIC graphic!!
– Complete utilization of your devices features!
– Different themed floors!
– it’s FREE!

Supported languages : English, Russian (in further updates will be added German, Spain, French, Korea, Japanese, Chinese and others)

A big THANKS for everyone who played 100 Doors 2013, 100 Doors : RUNAWAY, 100 Doors of Revenge and 100 Doors Aliens Space!


Like another game on first level you not get difficult to solve the puzzle and pass the level. But I still share Escape The Mansion Walkthrough Level 11 to Level 20 below. :)


Escape The Mansion Level 11


Move the plate on the floor so you will see code ?29, now change number on the door follow the code. To find “?” just tap until the door open.



Escape The Mansion Level 12


Get bucket on the floor then use it to faucet to fill with water. Now use water bucket to fill big tube.


Do that step until key appear, get key and use it to open door.



Escape The Mansion Level 13


You have to light on candle, lamp and 2 lantern quickly before one of them go off again.



Escape The Mansion Level 14


You have tap ball to make ball flying, now you have make all ball float above the rope to make door open.



Escape The Mansion Level 15


You have to find where the green ball 2 times. To make it easy just follow the ball use your finger.



Escape The Mansion Level 16


Change number arrange by the candle size.

Top candles: 1 2 3 4 5

Bottom candle: 15 11 13 12 14



Escape The Mansion Level 17


Tap left candle four times and right candle four times, get cross on the floor then use it to repel ghost by tap ghost repeatedly.



Escape The Mansion Level 18


Rotate the hour hand until clock disappear.


Now tap and slide floor, then get key to open door.



Escape The Mansion Level 19


See corner shape above the door then see value on each corner.



Escape The Mansion Level 20


You have find 2 same picture by tap the square, do that until all disappear.


That is ten level of Escape The Mansion Walkthrough, I will update another level soon so stay tuned.

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