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By | March 1, 2014

The creator who make lot of fun and cool games Gipnetix LTD, after they make 100 doors now they make escape game with different style. Escape The Mansion is escape games with new puzzle you have to solve. But if you have play escape action you will now these games have something in common with escape action, yes every 5 level you will get challenge level.


From creators of all the parts of 100 Doors!

Absolutely NEW, addictive and challenging game – Escape The Mansion!
Brings you to the mysterious mansion with a lot of great puzzles and popular mini-games.

Main Features :
– 30 Levels (each update will add new levels)
– Great Sounds
– FANTASTIC graphic!!
– Complete utilization of your devices features!
– Different themed floors!
– it’s FREE!

Supported languages : English, Russian (in further updates will be added German, Spain, French, Korea, Japanese, Chinese and others)

A big THANKS for everyone who played 100 Doors 2013, 100 Doors : RUNAWAY, 100 Doors of Revenge and 100 Doors Aliens Space!


Like another game on first level you not get difficult to solve the puzzle and pass the level. But I still share Escape The Mansion Walkthrough Level 21 to Level 30 below. :)


Escape The Mansion Level 21


See arrow above the door. it mean you must tap button:

Top left, middle left, middle right, middle right, bottom right, bottom left, top right, middle left, middle right.



Escape The Mansion Level 22


Each clock have different rotation, but you must make the hour hand pass the gap in same time so you have:

Tap big clock then wait until hour hand in 9 o’clock then tap medium clock and small clock.



Escape The Mansion Level 23


Move small cabinet to the right then get spray. Use spray to kill 5 bug.

Get cloth on the floor then use it by swipe on the door until door open.



Escape The Mansion Level 24


Get knife then use it to cut grass. So you will see number Green=22, blue=17, red=3.


Now tap gear follow the code like clock position.



Escape The Mansion Level 25


Like level 5 you have make block with key go to out.



Escape The Mansion Level 26


Place the block to fit on the board.



Escape The Mansion Level 27


Get hammer on the ghost then use it to hit  3 vase. Now use hammer to hit stone block then move left piece to left and right piece to right.



Escape The Mansion Level 28


On this level you have light on 9 button on the middle with 4 line. See picture above to help.



Escape The Mansion Level 29


You have to move spider without hit another spider.



Escape The Mansion Level 30


Tap the pipes to connect the pipes from top to bottom right.



That is ten level of Escape The Mansion Walkthrough, I will update another level soon so stay tuned.


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