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By | March 5, 2014

After we have play 30 level on first launch, yesterday Gipnetix LTD has added new 10 cool level with some update to fix bug and  increase a loading speed.

The creator who make lot of fun and cool games Gipnetix LTD, after they make 100 doors now they make escape game with different style. Escape The Mansion is escape games with new puzzle you have to solve. But if you have play escape action you will now these games have something in common with escape action, yes every 5 level you will get challenge level.


From creators of all the parts of 100 Doors!

Absolutely NEW, addictive and challenging game – Escape The Mansion!
Brings you to the mysterious mansion with a lot of great puzzles and popular mini-games.

Main Features :
– 30 Levels (each update will add new levels)
– Great Sounds
– FANTASTIC graphic!!
– Complete utilization of your devices features!
– Different themed floors!
– it’s FREE!

Supported languages : English, Russian (in further updates will be added German, Spain, French, Korea, Japanese, Chinese and others)

A big THANKS for everyone who played 100 Doors 2013, 100 Doors : RUNAWAY, 100 Doors of Revenge and 100 Doors Aliens Space!


I have play all level of they last update but for now I will share only Escape The Mansion Walkthrough Level 31 to Level 35 below. :)


Escape The Mansion Level 31


Tap the lizard few times until gone then shake your device so the lizard will back and bring a key. Get key and use it to open the door.



Escape The Mansion Level 32


Swipe your display don’t stop until the temperature get warm +10 and door will open.



Escape The Mansion Level 33


Tap book on the floor to see code. Each number have different symbol so remember it.

Now look number above the door 15790, so you have tap symbol follow the clue.



Escape The Mansion Level 34


On this level you have follow the arrow, if you see “>” so you have move to the right 1 step then tap the button. And if you see “<<<<” so you have move to the left 4 step and tap the button.

Now first you have tap top right corner button “<” then move left 1 step and tap button, then move down 1 step and tap button, move right one step and tap button, move left 4 step and tap button. Do that until you reach circle button.



Escape The Mansion Level 35


On this challenge level like level 15 you have find ball, but on this level you find the ball 4 times. Like I said on the level 15 you have follow the ball use your finger to make it easy.



That is first five level on this update of Escape The Mansion Walkthrough, I will update next level soon so stay tuned.

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