Escape The Titanic Walkthrough Stage 2

By | July 21, 2013

You like escape game so you must try this game because Escape The Titanic have great puzzle to solved and excellent graphic. You can download the games on iTunes and Escape the titanic develop by FreshGames.


Do you have what it takes to Escape the Titanic?

Face the ultimate test of wits, cunning, and speed in this challenging and unique puzzle adventure. No two scenes are alike, so be prepared for anything as you race to escape the world’s most infamous ocean liner, the sinking RMS Titanic.

Put your iPod/iPhone/iPad through its paces as you pinch, twist, tap & swipe your way through ingenious puzzle challenges. Prove that you have what it takes to outsmart, outrun, and outmaneuver any obstacle. Good luck!

* Solving Puzzles *
Need a little assistance, but not the solution? Don’t worry; you can purchase Hints that offer clues for every puzzle in the game.

If you’re really stumped, there are Answers too! Either way, you’ll enjoy your room-by-room progression through this intriguing puzzle adventure.


To help you if get stuck on some puzzle I have make Escape The Titanic Walkthrough Stage 2 bellow. So check this out :)

Choose the correct outfit, The white outfit with grey motif but don’t forget to find the moneySee the skewer that show then make skewer in the correct order then move it to the platePut the the plate to the right table by the colorJust tap the correct button follow the order
Tap the guestbook then tap the paperclip.
Match the names on the left with the signature on the right until you get one name. Tap it then make a signature
Give the money to the man.
Move all the objects until you get the statue then use it to break the table.
Tap on each door to find right door. Then try to use the paperclip on the keyhole. When you find the keyhole that the paperclip goes into, keep pushing it to the left into the keyhole. You might have to move it up and down to get it in.
Turn the doorknob to open it.
Open the chest, closets, drawer and pillow then move the clothes to find diamond. Get the diamondGo to the window then use the diamond to make holeClimb up by tap the next ledge.
If there is ice, tap it repeatedly to thaw it so you can grab it.
Just tap the falling object
Turn the metal bars to make right pattern.
You will get a grey bar and a white bar which you will add to the missing parts. When finish tap the lock
Turn it clockwise until a number lights up, then switch directions. Do it until you get 3 number then slide down the lockSelect only women and children. Don’t select the women and children with beard or mustacheHelp lower the lifeboats by turning the lever clockwise.
Watch both your line and the other line. If your line starts showing the white marks, turning the lever.
If the other line starts showing the white marks, stop turning.

That first stage of this game and enjoy the game and tell your friend to share the fun of this game.

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