Escape Through History Walkthrough Level 2

By | January 3, 2014

This is the second game created by Tedven LLC, after they have make You Must Escape which have download more than 500.000 times. Now they make new escape games for Android player, Escape Through History is escape game with brain teaser puzzle.


A mysterious time portal beacons you…Are you ready to step into it to journey through history? It is a quest to overcome the epic events that mankind has ever experienced. Get immersed in the rich and vibrant locations spanning across eras and show your skill to weave your way out of them. Do you think you have got what it takes to be the chosen one to find out how it all ends?… Beware as there is no turning back once you are in!

? Amazing puzzles
? Tricky brain teasers
? Intuitive and easy to start – impossible to put down!
? Time travel different eras
? Constant updates
? Unique atmosphere
? Auto-save function
? FREE for Android!
? Enter the biggest adventure of your life!

How to play:
Search and combine items, solve puzzles and try to beat each stage to discover what’s behind the door!

Game discussion:


To help you pass this level I have make Escape Through History Walkthrough Level 2 below.



Tap the right room to see the clue on the board. See the purple square on the board.


Go to the next room then tap the machine with monitor. Now tap the button follow the clue Top left,  Top right and Middle bottom.


Get the screwdriver.


Go to the first room tap the cabinet on the left. Use the screwdriver to open the four screw tube then get the handle. See the color stick on the right tube remember the color.


Tap the table with drawer then use the handle to the drawer, open the drawer then get the match.


Tap the table on the right side the door then use the match to light the fire.


The key will appear so get it.


Tap the door cabinet then use the key to open it.


Tap the box then change the color follow the clue ( stick color ),  get the card then use it to open the door.


That is the answer for Escape Through History Level 2 to help you if get stuck. I will update another level soon.

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