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By | February 9, 2014

After Guess 90’s game get many download now another game from Random Logic Games has famous around android player, Guess The 80’s is game for you who grow up on 80’s. You will see old stuff like betamax, walkman and many more. Or you can find old favorite wrestler.


We’re back with more! This time it’s for you 80’s kids!! Ohhhhhh yes, the 1980s, what a wonderful time to grow up! Whether you pretended to be The Fonz (HEYYYYY), or you secretly dreamed of driving a Charger with the #01 painted on the side, this is the app for you!

Grab your favorite stuffed animal, fire up the betamax player, and have fun!! Guess from EVERYTHING pop culture related from the 80s!

We’ve got it all – TV Shows, Celebrities, Toys, New Technology, Cartoons, Movies and more. If it happened in the 80s, and you cared about, we’ve included it. Enjoy hours of nostalgic, heartwarming and HILARIOUS game play in this new app! Have fun!


If you forget about the name and get stuck on some level you can see my answer below. Lets take a look Guess The 80’s Answers Level 16 to level 20.


Guess The 80’s Level 16

Level 16-1 Athlete: Moses MaloneLevel 16-2 Actress: Molly RingwaldLevel 16-3 Music: TiffanyLevel 16-4 TV Shows: Family Ties
Level 16-5 Toys: PopplesLevel 16-6 TV Shows: The Golden GirlsLevel 16-7 TV Shows: WuzzlesLevel 16-8 Movies: Footloose
Level 16-9 TV Shows: The SmurfsLevel 16-10 Actor: Harrison Ford


Guess The 80’s Level 17

Level 17-1 Product: Bermuda BagsLevel 17-2 Actor: Scott BaioLevel 17-3 Food & Drinks: Lean CuisineLevel 17-4 Actress: Ally Sheedy
Level 17-5 TV Shows: Muppet BabiesLevel 17-6 Product: Speak And SpellLevel 17-7 Clothing & Apparel: Z CavaricciLevel 17- Toys8: My Child Dolls
Level 17-9 Model: Cheryl TiegsLevel 17-10 Video Games: Nintendo


Guess The 80’s Level 18

Level 18-1 Movies: FlashdanceLevel 18-2 Toys: My Pet MonsterLevel 18-3 product: The ClapperLevel 18-4 Book: The Covenant
Level 18-5 TV Shows: Fraggle RockLevel 18-6 Actress: Carrie FisherLevel 18-7 Music: Stacey QLevel 18-8 Movies: Dirty Dancing
Level 18-9 Actress: Diane LaneLevel 18-10 Toys: Simon


Guess The 80’s Level 19

Level 19-1 TV Shows: Double DareLevel 19-2 Clothing & Apparel: JamsLevel 19-3 Video Games: FroggerLevel 19-4 Toys: My Buddy
Level 19-5 Character: Pee Wee HermanLevel 19-6 Food & Drinks: SliceLevel 19-7 TV Shows: 321 ContactLevel 19-8 Video Games: Defender
Level 19-9 TV Shows: DynastyLevel 19-10 Toys: Garbage Pail Kids


Guess The 80’s Level 20

Level 20-1 Music: Cyndi LauperLevel 20-2 Movies: RobocopLevel 20-3 Video Games: Donkey KongLevel 20-4 Movies: ET
Level 20-5 Toys: Fluppy DogsLevel 20-6 Model: Brooke ShieldsLevel 20-7 Food & Drinks: New cokeLevel 20-8 Clothing & Apparel: Maui and Sons
Level 20-9 Wrestler: YokozunaLevel 20-10 Clothing & Apparel: Stussy



That is the last level for Guess The 80’s, hopefully can help you to pass all level.

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