Guess The 90’s Answers Level 31 to Level 35

By | February 6, 2014

Random Logic Games or Conversion, LLC have make nostalgia game for you. Guess The 90’s is guess game of different 1990’s related stuff – Cartoons, Games, TV Shows, Celebs. Even with simple theme but this game is still interesting. I have make the answer yesterday but to make it easy now I will make answer sorted by level.


Did you grow up in the 1990’s? I did, and like many of you I think the 90’s were a TOTALLY RADICAL time to be a kid! Guess The 90’s is a blast from the past, full of nostalgia and created just for you!

Guess from tons of different 1990’s related stuff – Cartoons, Games, TV Shows, Celebs, Political Figures and much more! If you had a night light, watched lengthy 90s sitcoms and witnessed the Clinton scandal, Guess the 90s is the app for you!

Enjoy over 200 picture questions about the best time to be alive – the 90’s! Can you guess the 90s??


This game hard to guess if you born in millennium, and to help you I have make Guess The 90’s Answers Level 31 to Level 35 below.


Guess The 90’s Level 31

Level 31-1 Answer: Hannibal LecterLevel 31-2 Answer: Heavenly CreaturesLevel 31-3 Answer: Talkback Dear DiaryLevel 31-4 Answer: Push Pop
Level 31-5 Answer: Sixth SenseLevel 31-6 Answer: Con AirLevel 31-7 Answer: ThelmaLevel 31-8 Answer: Generation X
Level 31-9 Answer: Mr BeanLevel 31-10 Answer: Starship Troopers


Guess The 90’s Level 32

Level 32-1 Answer: Joe BoxerLevel 32-2 Answer: Bill MurrayLevel 32-3 Answer: Mia HammLevel 32-4 Answer: Wild At Heart
Level 32-5 Answer: IcebergLevel 32-6 Answer: Super JeopardyLevel 32-7 Answer: GuzzlerLevel 32-8 Answer: Zinedine Zidane
Level 32-9 Answer: Kid PixLevel 32-10 Answer: Nas


Guess The 90’s Level 33

Level 33-1 Answer: UnforgivenLevel 33-2 Answer: Karl KaniLevel 33-3 Answer: Sharon StoneLevel 33-4 Answer: Toy Story
Level 33-5 Answer: Janet JacksonLevel 33-6 Answer: Eric CantonaLevel 33-7 Answer: Capri SunLevel 33-8 Answer: Crocodile Mile
Level 33-9 Answer: Andre AgassiLevel 33-10 Answer: Rushmore


Guess The 90’s Level 34

Level 34-1 Answer: RedmanLevel 34-2 Answer: Monica SelesLevel 34-3 Answer: John ElwayLevel 34-4 Answer: Princess Mononoke
Level 34-5 Answer: Eddie BauerLevel 34-6 Answer: Polly PocketLevel 34-7 Answer: Ghost WorldLevel 34-8 Answer: CK1
Level 34-9 Answer: Jostein GaarderLevel 34-10 Answer: Mighty Max


Guess The 90’s Level 35

Level 35-1 Answer: Tyra BanksLevel 35-2 Answer: Powerpuff GirlsLevel 35-3 Answer: Beverly PeeleLevel 35-4 Answer: Friday
Level 35-5 Answer: River PhoenixLevel 35-6 Answer: Billy MadisonLevel 35-7 Answer: Andy DufresneLevel 35-8 Answer: Helen Fielding
Level 35-9 Answer: RonaldoLevel 35-10 Answer: Arsenio Hall



That’s the answer for Guess The 90’s to help you pass the level. I will update another level soon.

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