Guess The 90’s Answers Level 49 and Level 50

By | February 23, 2014

Yesterday Random Logic Games or Conversion, LLC have make update for this game to make you still feel nostalgia. Guess The 90’s is guess game of different 1990’s related stuff – Cartoons, Games, TV Shows, Celebs. Even with simple theme but this game is still interesting. I have make the answer yesterday but to make it easy now I will make answer sorted by level.


Did you grow up in the 1990’s? I did, and like many of you I think the 90’s were a TOTALLY RADICAL time to be a kid! Guess The 90’s is a blast from the past, full of nostalgia and created just for you!

Guess from tons of different 1990’s related stuff – Cartoons, Games, TV Shows, Celebs, Political Figures and much more! If you had a night light, watched lengthy 90s sitcoms and witnessed the Clinton scandal, Guess the 90s is the app for you!

Enjoy over 200 picture questions about the best time to be alive – the 90’s! Can you guess the 90s??


This game hard to guess if you born in millennium but don’t worry because I have make Guess The 90’s Answers Level 49 and Level 50 below.


Guess The 90’s Level 49

Level 49-1 Movies: The Truman ShowLevel 49-2 Music: AerosmithLevel 49-3 Toys: Sega Game GearLevel 49-4 Famous People: Unabomber
Level 49-5 Music: Leann RimesLevel 49-6 Actress: Helen HuntLevel 49-7 Science: Hale Bopp CometLevel 49-8 Toys: Clueless Phone
Level 49-9 Music: Wilson PhillipsLevel 49-10 TV Shows: Twin Peaks


Guess The 90’s Level 50

Level 50-1 Music: Mc HammerLevel 50-2 Technology: Garmin GPSLevel 50-3 Character: Kelly TaylorLevel 50-4 Music: Aaliyah
Level 50-5 Video Games: Super MetroidLevel 50-6 Music: JamiroquaiLevel 50-7 Music: Boyz II MenLevel 50-8 Movies: Rush Hour
Level 50-9 Famous People: Brian SetzerLevel 50-10 Music: The Rembrandts


That’s the answer for last update of Guess The 90’s. Please wait because I will share another answer soon.

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