Guess The Character : Cartoon Answer and Solution Level 3 4

By | August 13, 2013

Another guess games has landed on Google play, now you must guess cartoon character.  Guess the Character: cartoon is made by Ant IT Apps, if you like cartoon movie you will easy to guess the picture but for me there is some character I never see, I must use google to find the character name.


Guess the character of popular cartoon with “Guess the Character: cartoon” !

Divided into 16 levels you will find more than 254 characters! Can you guess them all?

Have great fun with Guess the Character: cartoon and see how many characters you can recognize.

Guess the right answer using available mixed letters. Guess the character and unlock the next level!

It’s full of cartoon characterss! Can you guess it? Can you guess the word? Guess the name of the character with a well-designed image


Icomania, Logomania, Brandomania and Guess The Character rulez but on this quiz you can skip the level and play more.

Can you recognize all the characters? What the character, do you know?


I have play the game and to help you if get stuck I will share Guess The Character : Cartoon Answer Level 3 and Level 4 below, check this out :)


Guess The Character : Cartoon Level 3

Level 3-1: STICTHLevel 3-2: BLUTOLevel 3-3: BOO BOOLevel 3-4: TANK EVANS
Level 3-9: BUTTHEADLevel 3-10: CATDOGLevel 3-11: STEWIE GRIFFINLevel 3-12: THE HULK
Level 3-13: TIGGERLevel 3-14: CHICKEN JOELevel 3-15: CHRIS GRIFFINLevel 3-16: THE JOKER


Guess The Character : Cartoon Level 4

Level 3-1: STICTHLevel 4-1: DECKERLevel 4-2: DEE DEELevel 4-3: SHREKLevel 4-4: PRINCESS JASMIN
Level 4-5: DARKWINGLevel 4-6: PUMBAALevel 4-7: PUSS IN BOOTSLevel 4-8: REMY
Level 4-9: DIZZY DEVILLevel 4-10: DONALDLevel 4-11: PETER GRIFFINLevel 4-12: PETER PAN
Level 4-13: PIGLETLevel 4-14: SKELETORLevel 4-15: SMURFETTELevel 4-16: DEXTER


That is level 3 and level 4 of Guess The Character : Cartoon answer to help you. See you on the next level.

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