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By | February 10, 2014

After we have nostalgia when play Guess The 80’s and Guess The 90’s now they added Guess The Millennium, on this game you will see stuff from 2000 to present day. There many of categories you have to guess like Actor, Actress, Product, Clothing and many more.


Wow, can you belieber it’s already over? It’s time to guess the Millennium! We’re talking 2000 – Present Day 2014! All these “old timers” will try and convince you that growing up in the 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s were a time to be envied. Let’s prove them wrong!

Grab your Smartphone, pop in that Bluray and set your phone background to a picture of sexy Vampire! We’re about to guess the Millennium! Let’s face is – what’s not to love about the last decade? We took technology to the next level with smart phones, fell in love with Vampires, and wasted all our time playing video games! Regardless of when you were born, you will love this app!


I think on this game you will more easy to guess because many stuff is new so you will still remember it, but if you get stuck and need help you can see my Guess The Millennium Answers Level 16 to Level 20 below.


Guess The Millennium Level 16

Level 16-1 Movies: AmelieLevel 16-2 Character: BaneLevel 16-3 Technology: Windows XPLevel 16-4 Product: Elf on The Shelf
Level 16-5 Movies: The Dark KnightLevel 16-6 App Game: Angry BirdsLevel 16-7 Movies: EnchantedLevel 16-8 Food & Drink: Rockstar
Level 16-9 Video Games: HaloLevel 16-10 Model: Miranda Kerr


Guess The Millennium Level 17

Level 17-1 Video Games: Gears of WarLevel 17-2 Clothing & apparel: LRGLevel 17-3 Electronics: Apple StoreLevel 17-4 Product: Silly Bandz
Level 17-5 Music Video: Get ur Freak onLevel 17-6 Character: Ron BurgundyLevel 17-7 Movies: Life of PiLevel 17-8 Internet: Gmail
Level 17-9 Clothing & Apparel: CrocsLevel 17-10 Video Games: Left 4 Dead


Guess The Millennium Level 18

Level 18-1 TV Shows: Project RunwayLevel 18-2 Electronics: Blu RayLevel 18-3 Music: PitbullLevel 18-4 Character: Aldo Raine
Level 18-5 Board Games: Ticket To RideLevel 18-6 Internet: TwitterLevel 18-7 Video Games: Call of DutyLevel 18-8 Character: Michael Bluth
Level 18-9 Toys: RazorLevel 18-10 Gaming: PS3


Guess The Millennium Level 19

Level 19-1 Music: Katy PerryLevel 19-2 Famous People: Donald TrumpLevel 19-3 Famous People: Hillary ClintonLevel 19-4 TV Shows: The Wire
Level 19-5 Video Games: Wii SportsLevel 19-6 Character: JacobLevel 19-7 Athlete: Roger FedererLevel 19-8 Technology: Tivo
Level 19-9 TV Shows: Prison BreakLevel 19-10 Famous People: Sarah Palin


Guess The Millennium Level 20

Level 20-1 TV Shows: Big BrotherLevel 20-2 Actor: Daniel RadcliffeLevel 20-3 Gaming: Game Boy AdvanceLevel 20-4 Music: Christina Aguilera
Level 20-5 Character: Olive HooverLevel 20-6 Music: RihannaLevel 20-7 Gaming: Nintendo WiiLevel 20-8 Products: Beats
Level 20-9 Actor: Elijah WoodLevel 20-10 TV Shows: Greys Anatomy




That is the last five level of Guess The Millennium Answer, I hope that answer can help you to finish the game.

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