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By | February 9, 2014

After we have nostalgia when play Guess The 80’s and Guess The 90’s now they added Guess The Millennium, on this game you will see stuff from 2000 to present day. There many of categories you have to guess like Actor, Actress, Product, Clothing and many more.


Wow, can you belieber it’s already over? It’s time to guess the Millennium! We’re talking 2000 – Present Day 2014! All these “old timers” will try and convince you that growing up in the 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s were a time to be envied. Let’s prove them wrong!

Grab your Smartphone, pop in that Bluray and set your phone background to a picture of sexy Vampire! We’re about to guess the Millennium! Let’s face is – what’s not to love about the last decade? We took technology to the next level with smart phones, fell in love with Vampires, and wasted all our time playing video games! Regardless of when you were born, you will love this app!


I think on this game you will more easy to guess because many stuff is new so you will still remember it, but if you get stuck and need help you can see my Guess The Millennium Answers Level 6 to Level 10 below.


Guess The Millennium Level 6

Level 6-1 Food & Drink: Monster EnergyLevel 6-2 Movies: Mean GirlsLevel 6-3 Athlete: Derek JeterLevel 6-4 Movies: Avatar
Level 6-5 Athlete: Tiger WoodsLevel 6-6 Video Games: UnchartedLevel 6-7 Character: Rachel BerryLevel 6-8 Character: Addison Montgomery
Level 6-9 Athlete: Lebron JamesLevel 6-10 TV Shows: Lost


Guess The Millennium Level 7

Level 7-1 Automotives: PriusLevel 7-2 Video Games: Half Life 2Level 7-3 Author: El JamesLevel 7-4 Character: Hannah Montana
Level 7-5 TV Shows: Lizzie McguireLevel 7-6 TV Shows: IcarlyLevel 7-7 Athlete: Peyton ManningLevel 7-8 Electronics: Blackberry
Level 7-9 Internet: MyspaceLevel 7-10 Author: Suzanne Collins


Guess The Millennium Level 8

Level 8-1 Video Games: Kingdom HeartsLevel 8-2 Video Games: Grand Theft AutoLevel 8-3 Actress: Angelina JolieLevel 8-4 Athlete: Lance Armstrong
Level 8-5 Famous People: Susan BoyleLevel 8-6 Actor: Seth RogenLevel 8-7 Movies: The NotebookLevel 8-8 Actor: Cory Monteith
Level 8-9 Character: DjangoLevel 8-10 Music: Justin Timberlake


Guess The Millennium Level 9

Level 9-1 Famous People: Rachael RayLevel 9-2 TV Shows: The OCLevel 9-3 Internet: AmazonLevel 9-4 Product: Sirius
Level 9-5 TV Shows: Family GuyLevel 9-6 Food & Drink: SmartwaterLevel 9-7 TV Shows: DexterLevel 9-8 Actor: Orlando Bloom
Level 9-9 Music Video: Single LadiesLevel 9-10 TV Shows: Even Stevens


Guess The Millennium Level 10

Level 10-1 Electronics: AndroidLevel 10-2 Video Games: Guitar HeroLevel 10-3 Actress: Mila KunisLevel 10-4 Music: Justin Bieber
Level 10-5 Actor: Channing TatumLevel 10-6 Actor: Michael CeraLevel 10-7 Model: Gisele BundchenLevel 10-8 Movies: Inception
Level 10-9 Internet: NetflixLevel 10-10 Movies: Juno



That is five level of Guess The Millennium Answer, I will update another level soon so do forget to come back.

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