Hi Guess The Food Level 12 13 14 Cheats and Answer

By | September 10, 2013

The creator of Hi Guess the Brand and Hi Guess the Movie, CamMax now launched another fun game for iOS and Android. Hi Guess The Food is guess game about drink, food and lot of food brand.

Hundreds of food puzzles are waiting. You’ve seen them in supermarket and in everyday life. But can you recognize them from our funny images?

Are you ready for hundreds of food puzzles? Can you recognize them all?


To help you pass the level I will share Hi Guess The Food Answer Level 12 to Level 14, check this out :)


Hi Guess The Food Level 12

Level 12-111: AtkinsLevel 12-112: Lucky CharmsLevel 12-113: Frosted FlakesLevel 12-114: Gevalia
Level 12-115: YubanLevel 12-116: SunsweetLevel 12-117: Malt O MealLevel 12-118: Post
Level 12-119: DoveLevel 12-120: Kashi


Hi Guess The Food Level 13

Level 13-121: Buncha CrunchLevel 13-122: Capn CrunchLevel 13-123: CholulaLevel 13-124: Raisinets
Level 13-125: Cream Of WheatLevel 13-126: MottsLevel 13-127: YorkLevel 13-128: Rolo
Level 13-129: Ocean SprayLevel 13-130: Vienna Fingers


Hi Guess The Food Level 14

Level 14-131: GhirardelliLevel 14-132: PamLevel 14-133: Russell StoverLevel 14-134: Heath
Level 14-135: MurrayLevel 14-136: RaguLevel 14-137: Oregon CafeLevel 14-138: Nature Valley
Level 14-139: BrusselsLevel 14-140: Jumex


That is Hi Guess The Food Answer I hope that can help you if get stuck, I will update more level soon. Enjoy

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