Hi Guess The Food Level 9 10 11 Cheats and Answer

By | September 8, 2013

The creator of Hi Guess the Brand and Hi Guess the Movie, CamMax now launched another fun game for iOS and Android. Hi Guess The Food is guess game about drink, food and lot of food brand.

Hundreds of food puzzles are waiting. You’ve seen them in supermarket and in everyday life. But can you recognize them from our funny images?

Are you ready for hundreds of food puzzles? Can you recognize them all?


To help you pass the level I will share Hi Guess The Food Answer Level 9 to Level 11, check this out :)


Hi Guess The Food Level 9

Level 9-81: Earths BestLevel 9-82: Fig NewtonsLevel 9-83: Hungry JackLevel 9-84: Mug
Level 9-85: YoplaitLevel 9-86: Red BaronLevel 9-87: Teddy GrahamsLevel 9-88: Twinings
Level 9-89: Wheat ThinsLevel 9-90: Nestea


Hi Guess The Food Level 10

Level 10-91: GerberLevel 10-92: NesquikLevel 10-93: CadburyLevel 10-94: Breyers
Level 10-95: Fiber OneLevel 10-96: WonderfulLevel 10-97: KensLevel 10-98: Coffee Mate
Level 10-99: PerrierLevel 10-100: Edys


Hi Guess The Food Level 11

Level 11-101: PerrysLevel 11-102: MiloLevel 11-103: OrbitLevel 11-104: Cascadian Farm
Level 11-105: Del MonteLevel 11-106: PropelLevel 11-107: KeurigLevel 11-108: Plockys
Level 11-109: Skinny CowLevel 11-110: Sun Chips


That is Hi Guess The Food Answer I hope that can help you if get stuck, I will update more level soon. Enjoy

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