I Love Pop Culture Answer Level 61 to Level 80

By | March 7, 2014

The maker of famous game Escape The Titanic, FreshGames, now they make another game based on guess game. I Love Pop Culture is guess games, you will see two picture then you have to guess what that mean. There a lot of categories like Music, Movies, TV, Phrases, Games & Brands. This game released for iOS and Android so you can download this game via iTunes and Google Play.


I Love Pop Culture – Guess’m all!

Think you’re the KING of Pop Culture? Get ready for some Picture Puzzling’ fun in this FRESH, highly addictive POP CULTURE Game!

* Test your POP IQ of Music, Movies, TV, Phrases, Games & Brands!
* Gather-up your friends and put your heads together while guessing current and nostalgic Pop Culture.

Are you the King of Pop?

Challenge yourself to get as far as you can, and if you’re one of the elite few who possess both speed and POP aptitude, you can brag to your friends as you earn a spot in the coveted top 10% list.

* Imaginative, funky illustrated art in every puzzle
* Hours upon hours of gameplay
* Hundreds of puzzles
* Earn FREE COINS to unlock 3 different types of hints
* Race the clock to earn additional bonus coins and better ranking

* Who’ll be HAILED the new KING of POP CULTURE in this Groovin’ fresh Word game? *


After yesterday I have share the answer to level 40, now I will share I Love Pop Culture Answer Level 61 to Level 80 below to help you if get stuck.


Level 61 Smiling face and number: Happy DaysLevel 62 Dark and horse: Dark HorseLevel 63 Bonfire and 2 wheels: Hot WheelsLevel 64 Hand and little horse: Karate Kid
Level 65 laughing guy and cow: Laughing CowLevel 66 Guy and flute: Looney TunesLevel 67 Soldier and dynamite: Napoleon DynamiteLevel 68 Tall hat and chef hat: Top Chef
Level 69 Square and switch: Square OffLevel 70 Infinity symbol and blade: Infinity BladeLevel 71 Break glass and pumpkin: Smashing PumpkinsLevel 72 Guy show tongue and shoelace: Tongue Tied
Level 73 Shredder and wheat field: Shredded WheatLevel 74 Tag and apple fall: Free FallLevel 75 Pork and cream: Krispy KremeLevel 76 Razor and tablecloths: Blade Runner
Level 77 Scale and puppy: Pound PuppyLevel 78 Coin and bowling: Penny LaneLevel 79 Factory and 2 police: Power RangersLevel 80 Rope and teeth: Pulling Teeth


That the answer for I Love Pop Culture, I will update another soon so stay tuned.

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