Icomania Answers Level 8 Android

By | March 18, 2013

Another word games has come to Google Play, Icomania is guess picture games.

From the creators of the #1 apps “4 PICS 1 WORD” and “PAINT FOR FRIENDS”

Can you guess what the icons depict?

Find out why the whole world loves Icomania!

Yes this game is very fun and you must install it, now to help you if get stuck I will share Icomania Answers for Android Level 8. Check this out :)

icomania level 8-220brand: 3 curved line, white backgroundicomania level 8-221famous people: man with white shirt, black hairicomania level 8-222character: man with thick mustache, blue shirticomania level 8-223famous people: man with cowboy hat, black scarf
icomania level 8-224character: woman with green tank tops, long hairicomania level 8-225brand: 2 black arrow, 3 horizontal lineicomania level 8-226city: white H Oicomania level 8-227character: ugly face with 5 teeth
icomania level 8-228tv&movies: three man wears tuxedoicomania level 8-229character: robot, blue helmeticomania level 8-230brand: black and white strip, 2 red half circleicomania level 8-231famous people: man with  green uniform, green hat, red collar
icomania level 8-232tv&movies: park bench, sky blueicomania level 8-233city: Spinx and pyramidicomania level 8-234brand: crossing red line, black Sicomania level 8-235famous people: man with suit, grey background
icomania level 8-236character: red white curvedicomania level 8-237famous people: man with suit, beard and mustacheicomania level 8-238country: wind mill, green fieldicomania level 8-239tv&movies: black and white octagon
icomania level 8-240character: hand gesture, black hair, blue backgroundicomania level 8-241country: map with green shape and white staricomania level 8-242character: shiny hook,icomania level 8-243character: white think, rabbit teeth,
icomania level 8-244tv&movies: green square with Br Ba and a beakericomania level 8-245country: monster mask, red white backgroundicomania level 8-246famous people: man with long hair, yellow earringicomania level 8-247tv&movies: red white curved, green arm, hammer
icomania level 8-248famous people: black man, white vest, beard and mustache, bandanaicomania level 8-249character: green purple and ropeicomania level 8-250country: man with uniform and red bereticomania level 8-251tv&movies: smiling cat
icomania level 8-252character: boy, short hairicomania level 8-253tv&movies: man with blood on face and shirticomania level 8-254character: yellow face, orange noseicomania level 8-255famous people: man with hoodie, white bandana
icomania level 8-256city: forbidden kingdomicomania level 8-257tv&movies: grey orbit lineicomania level 8-258brand: green a, white backgroundicomania level 8-259tv&movies: boy and bear
icomania level 8-260brand: black and white tiger or jaguaricomania level 8-261city: pink flower, buildings backgroundicomania level 8-262brand: black G,white backgroundicomania level 8-263tv&movies: oil splash and cowboy hat on the top

That Icomania Answers level 8, even just ones level for now but I hope that will help you pass each level. Please wait and see you on the next level.

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