Icomania Level 12 Answers Stage 401-444

By | April 12, 2013

A few day ago Icomania has added a new level with lot of icon we must guess. But I have some error on my web but now I will share Icomania answers level 12 to help you pass the level. Check this out :)

icomania level 12-401brand: some red shape and 3 red line on yellow backgroundicomania level 12-402tv&movies: grey crown with spikeicomania level 12-403famous people: smiling man use black shirt on light blue background
icomania level 12-404brand: white B with wings
icomania level 12-405famous people: man on silhouette greyicomania level 12-406character: man use white karate suiticomania level 12-407brand: red I S S and white background
icomania level 12-408famous people: man use white shirt black suit
icomania level 12-409tv&movies: black man use farmer clothesicomania level 12-410brand: yellow vertical line on left side, blue triangle lineicomania level 12-411character: white mouse with red noseicomania level 12-412brand: red K F
icomania level 12-413tv&movies: jet plan with sun glassicomania level 12-414character: rabbit use bow with red noseicomania level 12-415character: 2 man use suit and black haticomania level 12-416character: dolphin
icomania level 12-417famous people: man with bushy beard use hat and glassesicomania level 12-418famous people: man with bushy beard use glassesicomania level 12-419famous people:smiling man use black shirticomania level 12-420brand: grey C with yellow triangle
icomania level 12-421famous people: man with long red hairicomania level 12-422famous people: man with glasses use red clothesicomania level 12-423tv&movies: roboticomania level 12-424character: line of rectangle with brown line
icomania level 12-425laughing man use sun glass and haticomania level 12-426famous people: man use black shirticomania level 12-427famous people: man with white hair hold gunicomania level 12-428tv&movies: night island with light house
icomania level 12-429character: man wearing a yellow sweater with black collaricomania level 12-430brand: pink line with grey square on the left and righticomania level 12-431tv&movies: man wear suit and sun glass with airplane backgroundicomania level 12-432tv&movies: red scribbles on the wall and ladder
icomania level 12-433brand: white S A on blue backgroundicomania level 12-434tv&movies: 2 person, 1 person wear white pants, 1 person use grey panticomania level 12-435famous people: person who heading another personicomania level 12-436tv&movies: rat or mouse white big orange nose and ear
icomania level 12-437brand: black half black circle and green shapeicomania level 12-438character: man with red hair wear armoricomania level 12-439brand: black vin Kicomania level 12-440brand: red corner line
icomania level 12-441character: two faceicomania level 12-442brand: black Ricomania level 12-443famous people: bald old man with white mustache use glassesicomania level 12-444character: man use vest hold gun

That is the answer for Icomania Level 12, hopefully can help you pass all level and see you on the next level.

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