Kalaquli R Walkthrough for Android by 989Works

By | July 12, 2013

Developer of dooors game, 989Works make another challenging escape game, Kalaquli R is new game from 989works already available on Google Play. But unfortunately this interesting game just have little bit puzzle to solved. I hope there more puzzle to solve.

You wake up in an unfamiliar room…
Solve the hidden mysteries as exploring around in order to escape from the Ninja house.

– Stunning graphics
– Auto-save.


To help you if get stuck I have make Kalaquli R Walkthrough bellow to help you. Check this out :)

Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 1Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 2Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 3Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 4
move right and get the stick on left sidetap the table then see the food pink=4, white=3 and green=4move again then get the weapon on the floor and open the doorgo out to the park and use the weapon to kill the enemy on left side
Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 5Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 6Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 7Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 8
move forward to see the code on the wall and remember itmove to the left park then get the moon shapeno to the right then get the wood circlego inside and tap the helm then put the moon on the helm. get the wood circle
Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 9Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 10Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 11Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 12
move back then tap two screw pull out both screw and move back then open wall. tap the safeslide down the wood to see the puzzle, tap circle to change follow the clue on food (pink=4, white=3 and green=4) get wood circlemove right and use stick to get wood circle on top. open the floor then tap hidden floorput wood circle follow the clue on park wall. the door will open
Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 13Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 14Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 15Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 16
go to the second room then move right, get the wooden pickaxego to the outside again then tap the left park. Use wooden pickaxe to dirt. Get the gold barGo to the second room then tap the left picture, slide the picture then get the paper rollopen the paper roll to see the clue, now go left then tap the square follow the clue, go up use ladder
Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 17Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 18Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 19Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 20
tap the door and get the weapon, use weapon to enemymove forward and put gold bar on top chest then get the keygo down and tap shelf, use the key to open shelf door and get the trident. do forget to remember bowl and flower colorgo to the first room then use trident to panel on bottom. open the door and go to second floor
Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 21Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 22Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 23Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 24
get the candlego to second room and tap lantern. get the bottom lanterncombine the bottom lantern with the candleput candle to lantern and you will see the code
Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 25Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 26Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 27Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 28
go back to second floor and tap box on the right. change the dot color follow the clueopen it and get the leveruse wooden pickaxe to get tool on the top. Use the tool to open the paper on the wallsee the clue it moon, flower and bowl
Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 29Kalaquli R Walkthrough step 30
go to the left room then change the square color follow the clue moon=yellow, flower=red, bowl=blueput the lever to the wood on left, then tap it to open the door

That is Kalaquli R Walkthrough to help you, I hope you understand all the step and finish the game.

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