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By | January 22, 2014

Frojo Apps who have make cute character Moy The Virtual Pet Game which already download more than 5 million. Now they make Moy – Escape Game, you must help Moy to escape from different room by solving challenging puzzles. This game is simple but really fun, you have try it.


Moy – Escape Game

Cute little alien Moy is back again! In this new Moy game you have to help Moy escape from different room, doors and worlds by solving challenging puzzles! Can you solve all the challenging puzzles and help Moy escape the rooms?

Join Moy in an Action filled adventure and travel through different worlds and encounter different problems and challanges! Tap, Shake, Rotate and Tilt you cell phone to solve the puzzles, you can also find hidden clothes for Moy in the rooms so you can dress Moy!

So join Moy and challenge yourself in this fun, free, addictive and popular puzzle game, you can play over 100 hours and it’s still fun!

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To help you if get stuck I have make Moy – Escape Game Walkthrough Answer Level 1 to Level 10, I have the answer bellow can make you pass all level.


Moy Escape Level 1


Tap the lever to open door.




Moy Escape Level 2


Shake your device so the vase will fall, get a key and use it to open door.




Moy Escape Level 3


Tilt your device to make ball move down and press button.




Moy Escape Level 4


Tap red button to fill tube, you have make water on the all tube above the line. So tap 2nd, 1st, 4th, 3rd.




Moy Escape Level 5


Shake your device to make electric until the bar full.




Moy Escape Level 6


Tap the Moy then count how many they blink, enter then number based on the color.




Moy Escape Level 7


Get three ball then put it on the box, Blue on the first box, red on the second box and green on the third box.




Moy Escape Level 8


See clue on the board count how many planet around the big planet, look the color now you have tap object with same color from the less planet so you have tap:

Box with orange ball, yellow clock, blue box, red chalk. If you tap correct object, the bulb will light on.




Moy Escape Level 9


Tap button on the floor then shake your device.




Moy Escape Level 10


Move ball insert it to green hole.



That is first 10 level of Moy – Escape Game, wait for the update soon.

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