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By | July 7, 2013

Experience creator of puzzle games Mobest media has created new challenging puzzle game, Need To Escape is now available on Google Play. Even just 30 level to solved but I hope they will add more level on the future.

Are you ready for the biggest escaping adventure on Android?
Find the way to open each door by solving puzzles and thinking outside the box!

Now I will share Need To Escape Level 21 to Level 30 Walkthrough to help you pass the level. Check this out :)


Need To Escape Level 21

Need to Escape Level 21 Walkthrough

See the word RISE, at panel number R=7, I=4, S=7, E=3 so you must enter code 7473.

Need to Escape Level 21 Walkthrough

After the curtain open you see on the inside room there is number 78735 but on the panel you see arrow it mean you must enter the number backwards, so enter code 53787.



Need To Escape Level 22

Need to Escape Level 22 Walkthrough

See the arrow left and right side the door that means you must slide the door follow that arrow from the top to the bottom. So you must slide

right – right – left – right – left – left


Need To Escape Level 23

Need to Escape Level 23 Walkthrough

You must turn the circle to make door on the right position.

Tap circle number 1 then tap right button 1 times

Tap circle number 2 then tap right button 1 times

Tap circle number 3 then tap right button 6 times

Tap circle number 4 then tap right button 3 times


Need To Escape Level 24

Need to Escape Level 24 Walkthrough

See the number on sofa it mean number of shelf.

Now you must count letter on each word from top to the bottom then tap the shelf follow the number. So you must tap:

shelf number 5 – 4 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 6 – 5 – 7 – 6


Need To Escape Level 25

Need to Escape Level 25 Walkthrough

Tap fire alarm button under the panel number, then tap panel number and you must tap FIRE=3473, so the fire extinguisher box will open.

Need to Escape Level 25 Walkthrough

Get fire extinguisher the use it break the door.


Need To Escape Level 26

Need to Escape Level 26 Walkthrough

Get the flashlight on the shelf then pull the lamp chain. Use the flashlight to find number with bold circle mark.

You will find 815, light on the lamp then tap the lock and enter number 815.


Need To Escape Level 27

Need to Escape Level 27 Walkthrough

See the clue on the middle wall, now you must tap the white rectangle then tap panel number and enter the right number. From left to the right:

1st rectangle = 43, 2nd = 47, 3rd = 46, 4th = 59


Need To Escape Level 28

Need to Escape Level 28 Walkthrough

Tap the trash then get the ball and coin. Put ball to pinball machine on right side. Insert coin to left machine then solved the puzzle.


Need To Escape Level 29

Need to Escape Level 29 Walkthrough

See the code on the stair 1 2 3 4 with +1 bellow so you will get 2 3 4 5, it mean you must tap button 2 3 4 5.

Tap the dot panel then make shape like red dot.


Need To Escape Level 30

Need to Escape Level 30 Walkthrough

You must make constellations based on shape on the floor.


That is the last 10 level of Need to escape walkthrough, I hope Mobes media will add more level for this game. So we can make some fun again.

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