Pic Combo Answers Level 1 2 stage 1 -18

By | March 31, 2013
The creators of best word app Icomania and 4 pics 1 word, Games for Friends GmbH, has launched another fun games we must play. Pic Combo is guess word games

Can you guess the word? Each puzzle consists of two pictures depicting two different words. Just combine them to solve the puzzle!

Pic Combo is everyone’s new favorite game. Find out why!

We’ll show you, for example, a pic of some BUTTER and of a FLY. Ta-da! The word is BUTTERFLY. Just combine the words and win!

Hundreds of handpicked photos will make you think – and smile. Solve them all!

Now to help you I will share Pic Combo Answers Level 1 2 stage 1 -18, Check this out :)

Level 1

pic combo answer level 1candy and calendarpic combo answer level 1-2cloud and line

Level 2

pic combo answer level 2-3tooth and brushpic combo answer level 2-4candle and lamppic combo answer level 2-5butter roll and cuppic combo answer level 2-6frog, rain and bow
pic combo answer level 2-7woman cook and cakepic combo answer level 2-8coffee and bagpic combo answer level 2-9camp and firepic combo answer level 2-10gun and fire
pic combo answer level 2-11white red person and soccer ballpic combo answer level 2-12 red brain and wavepic combo answer level 2-13key and boardpic combo answer level 2-14woman on money fall and kid on box
pic combo answer level 2-15snow and manpic combo answer level 2-16bread and milkpic combo answer level 2-17cat and fishpic combo answer level 2-18cloud, sky and beach

That is first 2 level for Pic Combo Answers, hopefully can help you. Please wait for next level.

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