The Floor Escape Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Walkthrough

By | May 3, 2013

This game has released a few month ago but I just download yesterday and I very like it. You can download The floor Escape via Google Play. Try it and you will be love it.

Now I will share The Floor Escape level 1 to level 10 walkthrough to help you if get stuck. Check this out :)


The Floor Escape Level 1

The floor Escape Level 1

Tap the red button on left door.


The Floor Escape Level 2

The floor Escape Level 2

Get the sun button on the floor then put it on the door.


The Floor Escape Level 3

The floor Escape Level 3

Move away the left vase to see the button, now tap the button.


The Floor Escape Level 4

The floor Escape Level 4

Get the fire extinguisher then use it to the fire.


The Floor Escape Level 5

The floor Escape Level 5

See the clue on top right, it mean you must shake your device left and right until the glass fall.


The Floor Escape Level 6

The floor Escape Level 6

Get the hammer the use it to break all the bottle.


The Floor Escape Level 7

The floor Escape Level 7

First tap the sack until you see the box then tap the box until you see phone, now get the phone and use it to panel on left door.


The Floor Escape Level 8

The floor Escape Level 8

Get the racket and wait until the mosquito show up then you must hit the 3 mosquito.


The Floor Escape Level 9

The floor Escape Level 9

Tap the carpet then drag magnifying to X mark on right map.


The Floor Escape Level 10

The floor Escape Level 10

Just drag the mail on the floor to box on the same color.

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