The Floor Escape Level 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Walkthrough

By | May 3, 2013

Play this game by tap, shake or tilt your device to open the door,I just download yesterday and I very like it. You can download The floor Escape via Google Play. Try it and you will be love it.

Now I will share The Floor Escape level 21 to level 30 walkthrough to help you if get stuck. Check this out :)

The Floor Escape Level 21

The floor Escape Level 21

See the clue above the door, it means you must tap the shape follow that clue.

So tap square – circle – triangle – upside down triangle – circle – square


The Floor Escape Level 22

The floor Escape Level 22

You must tap the switch follow the clue on the side, so you must make






The Floor Escape Level 23

The floor Escape Level 23

Get the screw and screw driver on the floor then put the screw on the elevator button and use the screw driver to it. Tap the green button to open the door.


The Floor Escape Level 24

The floor Escape Level 24

Put the building to the right flag.


The Floor Escape Level 25

The floor Escape Level 25

Change the symbol on the door follows the symbol on the side. See the picture to help.


The Floor Escape Level 26

The floor Escape Level 26

Just count the pieces on each shape, then enter the number on the door.


The Floor Escape Level 27

The floor Escape Level 27

Turn your device upside down until hook reach the key then turn your device to normal. Get the key to open the door.


The Floor Escape Level 28

The floor Escape Level 28

Get the knife and use it to cut the vines, now tap the circle lamp follow the clue stripe on the door from the top to the bottom.

So tap right lamp=3x, left lamp=3x, right lamp=2x, left lamp=2x, right lamp=1x


The Floor Escape Level 29

The floor Escape Level 29

See the card show on the door, then tap the symbol follow that clue.

So you must tap the blue Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade
then tap the red Club, Spade, Diamond, Heart


The Floor Escape Level 30

The floor Escape Level 30

Tap the square button repeatedly until the door open.

That’s the answer for The Floor Escape walkthrough, I hope you enjoy the game and see you on the next level.

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