The Floor Escape Level 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Walkthrough

By | May 5, 2013

Play this game by tap, shake or tilt your device to open the door,I just download yesterday and I very like it. You can download The floor Escape via Google Play. Try it and you will be love it.

Now I will share The Floor Escape level 31 to level 40 walkthrough to help you if get stuck. Check this out :)


The Floor Escape Level 31

The floor Escape Level 31Shake your device then move the mirror on the floor to the left to reflect the light, then see the code on the left wall. Enter code 7589 to open the door.



The Floor Escape Level 32

The floor Escape Level 32Shake your device until the key fall, now put the key to the right place arrange by the color of rainbow on the door. So you must put the key from:

red – orange – yellow – green – light blue – blue – purple


The Floor Escape Level 33

The floor Escape Level 33Tap the food that pass in order to picture on the right wall.


The Floor Escape Level 34

The floor Escape Level 34First you must count the rotation on each letter. So you will get 8657.


The Floor Escape Level 35

The floor Escape Level 35You must make the right globe by tap the arrow button, but be careful the button sometime change the position.


The Floor Escape Level 36

The floor Escape Level 36See the lamp position where light on, now tap the circle follow that position. So you must tap top left – top right – both bottom.


The Floor Escape Level 37

The floor Escape Level 37Remember the number that show on the door then tap the number from 1 to 9.


The Floor Escape Level 38

The floor Escape Level 38Tap the square to make right position follow the number position from 1 to 8. See picture above to help.


The Floor Escape Level 39

The floor Escape Level 39Get the axe on the floor then use it to open the lock, now tilt  down you device to make the gear stop then tap the button.


The Floor Escape Level 40

The floor Escape Level 40

Just make all bulb light on at the same time by tap it.

That’s for now, see you on the next level.

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