The Floor Escape Level 61 62 63 Walkthrough

By | May 7, 2013

On this post I will share last level of the games, even some level is hard to solve but I hope you still enjoy the game.

Play this game by tap, shake or tilt your device to open the door. You can download The floor Escape via Google Play. Try it and you will be love it.

Now I will share The Floor Escape level 61 62 63 walkthrough to help you if get stuck. Check this out :)


The Floor Escape Level 61

The floor Escape Level 61
Just tilt your device left or right to move the flower on the middle and see the symbol color on the bottom when the flower stop on each symbol, then change colors to same color.

Don’t forget there a clue above the door that are silver ball from 1 to 5, so you must change the color from left to the right.
1st: Top = Yellow, Bottom = Purple
2nd: Top = Orange, Bottom = Blue
3rd: Top = Red, Bottom = Yellow
4th: Top = Green, Bottom = Orange
5th: Top = Purple, Bottom = cyan


The Floor Escape Level 62

The floor Escape Level 62You see the triangle with number inside and you must figure value of white number:

8 (+/-) ? = 3, so ? is 5

7 (+/-) ? = 3, so ? is 4

5 (+/-) ? =6, so ? is 1

Enter the number and the door will open.


The Floor Escape Level 63

The floor Escape Level 63

Move the carpet to see red button on the floor, now tap the red button from bottom then follow the line until you get the red button on the right wall.

The-floor-Escape-Level-63bTap the switch to light on yellow heart then tilt your device and tap the yellow heart then tap the button follow the line.

That’s the last level for now, please wait for the update and see you.

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