Update 100 crypts Level 31 to Level 40 Walkthrough

By | February 9, 2013

Many people say this game is fun escape game, I feel same with that so I will share 100 crypts Level 31 to Level 40 Walkthrough to help you pass the level. Check this out :)

100 Crypts Level 31

100 Crypts Level 31 Walkthrough

Tap the button follow the clue on each button, +3 it mean move clockwise 3 step and -3 it mean move counter clockwise 3 step. See picture above if you get stuck.

100 Crypts Level 32

100 Crypts Level 32 Walkthrough

Drag all the circle on the side to the circle on the center before the circle become big again.

100 Crypts Level 33

100 Crypts Level 33 Walkthrough

See the clue of bottle it mean you must make the cage position on the top become like the bottle position. So you must tap the 1st cage 3 times, 3rd cage once and the 4th twice.

100 Crypts Level 34

100 Crypts Level 34 Walkthrough

Make balance position with find right number. There are several answer but for me the answers is 3-3-1-1-3.

100 Crypts Level 35

100 Crypts Level 35 Walkthrough

On this level many people have different answers or there is bug, but for me the answers is you must tap O C S – O S.

100 Crypts Level 36

100 Crypts Level 36 Walkthrough

This level is hard, you must tap the button on the right repeatedly to make the bar is full. I must try this many time to pass the level.

100 Crypts Level 37

100 Crypts Level 37 Walkthrough

Fill the empty space with the right candle, move blue candle to top empty space, move green candle to middle empty space, move cyan candle on the bottom left and purple candle on the bottom right.

100 Crypts Level 38

100 Crypts Level 38 Walkthrough

See the clue under the crystal ball, So you must tilt left your device then tap ball, tilt vertical then tap ball, tilt right then tap ball, tilt left then tap ball.

100 Crypts Level 39

100 Crypts Level 39 Walkthrough

Drag the flag to the right position, see picture above to help.

100 Crypts Level 40

100 Crypts Level 40 Walkthrough

Tap the middle circle when show the right symbol, if right you will see a yellow sparkling and if wrong you must repeat from the start.

That 100 crypts Level 31 to Level 40 Walkthrough and this the last level on the first games update. See you on the next level.

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