What’s the Word Answers? 4 Pics 1 Word Answers Level 146-185

By | February 10, 2013

This post is update for 4 Pics 1 Word answers even the picture on my device different with you I hope this can help you. Check this out :)

4 Pics 1 Word Answers Level 146-165

4 Pics 1 Word Answers Level 146-1654 pics 1 word answers level 146-165bBox – Man hold a box, man play boxing.
Time – a man holding a clock, a calendar with 3 dates pinned, ’2013?, and a family in all white.
Cell – cellphone, battery,
Shell – Tortilla, egg shell, shell
Glass – Water being poured, windshield, a scientist, and a building
Narrow – a man squat, a man with a red ribbon around him, a tall door and a narrow street with tall buildings.
INK – ink bottle, printer, color of catridge, ink splash.
Punk – pink mohawk man, girl face, anarchy, ladies guitar.
Draw – 2:2, pencil draw, gun, sun draw.
Iron – golf ball, man with stack of clothes, gear box, iron.
Deep – under water, woman with breath, night with moon and star, sea
Ice – ice cube, women bite ice cream,
Cup – man and women with cup, cupcake, man hold cup, bra.
USA – liberty with usa flag bacground, eagle, burger, dollar.
Minute – little man and clock, a boy holding a women, hatched, a stopwatch
Bluff – a high cliff, someone jumping, and two guys holding cards
Walk –  A couple holding hands on a field, someone walking with tennis shoes, white dog with black dot, A fashion show of girls.
Beat – Crowd at a concert, woman punching, guy holding radio.
Crown – gold crown, tree, liberty face,
Wreck – burning car, old ship, a broken airplane, and a broken car.


4 Pics 1 Word Answers Level 166-185

4 pics 1 word answers level 166-1854 pics 1 word answers level 166-185Choice – man with devil and angel at side, man see pointing arrows, woman see between apple and cupcake, green mark.
France – dog with heat, Eiffel Tower, France flag.
Suit – knocking a judge’s gavel, a man with suit, a lady with suit, cards showing hearts 10, jack, queen, king, AS.
Spell – witch girl, voodoo dool, hello, frog.
Snow – snowy landscape, ski people, snowman.
Car – tire, steering, engine, exhaust.
Read – news on tablet, two childreen read, pile of newspapers.
Dot – 3 dice, black dress, .com.
Coat – a man pulling at his scarf, a woman in a fur scarf and hat, a roller putting purple paint, white peacock.
Mouse – computer mouse, rat, hand on mouse, mouse trap.
Clothes – mana with blue polo shirt, jeans, clothes in the hanger.
Costume – a clown, a child with a cowboy hat, dogs in glasses, and woman in mask.
Music – girl with headphone, a black disk, a notes.
Hand – hand with orange watch, two clocks and a man holding four aces.
Plan – to-do list be better, paper with graphic, formula on white board, man thinking.
Shake – shake hand, mil shake, glass and bottle, women want shake.
Grin – man, women devil are smiling
Dictate – Guy in green army suit pointing , a women tell somethink to man, a lady holding a recorder, a guy pointing at computer with girls in business suits.
Check – man touch green mark, women see the paper, chess board with king down.
Capital – “B”, white house, eiffel, “news” word.

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